Q: is Youtubeder free to use?
Yes. Youtubeder is an 100% free website and will be.

Q: How to download videos on iPhone?
Step 1: Install the free app Documents by Readdle. It's a file manager with an integrated web browser.
Step 2: Inside youtube app just open the video, tap Share, then choose Copy link.
Step 3: After you have the link copied, head over to the Documents app. Once you're inside Documents, tap the Safari icon
in the bottom-right corner to open the app's built-in browser. Then browse to Youtubeder.com .
Step 4: Tap inside the Search or paste link here field, then choose Paste to add the link to your YouTube video. The convert process starts automatically.
Step 5: After a moment, Youtubeder will generate download links for your video or mp3.

Q: Can I just download Mp3 file from Youtube link?
Yes. You can convert to Mp3 file from youtube video
Step 1: Search or paste this video you wish to convert to Mp3 file
Step 2: Select “Mp3” Tab and choose the file type you want to download
Step 3: Click “download” button to download Mp3 file

Q: is Youtubeder safe for my PC or my mobile device?
Yes. Youtubeder is very safe, no virus, no malware

Q: Can I need an account to download video?
No. You don’t need register an account. Just click and download!

Q: How do I download videos?
Step 1: Search or paste link you wish to download , the website will process the link automatically!
Step 2: Select a format video/audio you wish to download and click "download" button

Q: The conversion got stuck on initializing!
Please delete your browser cache. Restart your browser and try again. Please make also sure to turn off AdBlock (or similar extensions like Ublock, Guardio, etc.). Also check if any anti-virus extensions might be blocking our service (Avast, Norton, etc.). If you use our service on a desktop computer and you are using Malwarebytes or similar anti malware, please make sure to add our site and download site to the exclusion/whitelist to ensure the service can work fine.

Q: Can I use Youtubeder on my Android or My iPhone?
Yes. You can access it from your Android/iPhone device and download video or audio.

Q: There is no download button!
Please be sure to disable your AdBlocker. Your AdBlocker may have removed the download button.

Q: How can I contact Youtubeder to give feedback?
Please send us email to: con@youtubeder.com or reach us on Messanger Youtubder